4 Things to Expect From the Solar Eclipse in Pisces

While every cosmic event can affect us to an extent, some will be more extreme than others. An aspect that lasts for a few days might change the way we feel for a week or so, while a transition that lasts months can have a profound impact on our entire year. But which events have the biggest effect on our lives? What goes on in the astrological calendar that has the potential to turn our lives completely upside down? Well, that would be the eclipses.

An eclipse will often bring big, unexpected events our way, and it can completely change our lives. Yes, this can be scary, but there’s nothing we can do about it-so we’ve got to embrace whatever an eclipse sends our way! So, when is the next eclipse? Well, get ready for a wild weekend-there will be a solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26. Here’s what to prepare for:

  1. First of all-don’t panic. This eclipse will bring good news.

Since this eclipse occurs in Pisces, it is ruled by the planet of Neptune-the planet that represents our dreams. Does this mean this eclipse is going to make your dreams come true? It’s a possibility! Of course, good things only come to those who work for them. But let’s put it this way-if you’ve been waiting for a sign, the universe will send one your way this weekend. And if you’ve been working hard for a while with no results, that’s probably about to change in the next couple days.

  1. You’ll feel more optimistic.

Just like the Mercury trine Jupiter aspect earlier this week, this eclipse will bring tons of positive energy your way. You honestly may feel euphoric this weekend. That’s because of Neptune’s influence on your spiritual side-you’ll be more in touch with your true needs and wants, and you’ll be able to see all the positive things going on around you more clearly.

  1. There will be more opportunities to use your talents in upcoming months.

If you’re a writer, expect people to reach out to you for help. If you’re an artist, expect increasing interest in your work. If you’re still in school, professors or future employers may approach you with opportunities that could be your ticket to bright future. These small opportunities will all add up to send you down the right path, so don’t ignore them or turn them down-these are all signs that you’re headed in the right direction.

  1. You will seek out spiritual development if you haven’t already.

Neptune represents our spirituality in addition to our dreams, and if you’ve never thought about what your spiritual path could be, that’s about to change. This eclipse will reveal in some way how your life could change and be improved by seeking out spiritual teachings. This could mean religion, or it could mean something different, like yoga or meditation. Everyone’s path is unique, so take the time to figure out where your path lies, and then see where it takes you.

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