How Venus Retrograde Can Help You Find Your Soul Mate

On March 3, Venus moves into retrograde, where it will be until April 15. You’re probably wondering what all this is going to mean for your love life. After, Venus has a huge amount of influence over romance, and with this planet going into retrograde, you’re bound to have a lot of questions about how this will affect your relationships. Will you meet someone new ho will sweep you off your feet? Will you find yourself questioning a long term relationship? Will you give up on love altogether, or will you become a hopeless romantic because of a chance encounter?

If you feel like freaking out a little, take a deep breath and calm down-you’re going to be okay! Here’s how Venus retrograde can affect your love life and more.

  1. Venus retrograde is known as a “fated” period.

What the heck does that mean? It means that everything that happens during this time will be significant in terms of your long-term relationships. The things that happen to you during Venus retrograde are clues to your “fate” in terms of love, but the clues are not as obvious as they may seem. Pay close attention to your feelings and any “signs” you may notice.

  1. It’s more a time for self-love than anything else.

They say that you can never truly love someone else until you love yourself. This isn’t true for everyone, but it certainly helps. Have you actually been loving yourself and engaging in self-love and self-care practices? Have you been showing the same kind of love to yourself that you have shown to others in the past? If you haven’t, Venus retrograde will make it clear and encourage you to finally start doing so-you absolutely deserve it, there’s no question about that!

  1. You may run into old love interests.

Yes, this can be very stressful, but it’s almost guaranteed to happen. Maybe you’ll physically bump into them at the grocery store, or maybe you’ll get a text from a number that you deleted long ago. But either way, they’re going to pop up again. Do your best to handle any situations like this with poise and maturity. You should be able to work things out like adults and be civil to one another. If you both feel that you regret leaving the relationship behind, maybe there is hope for you two in the future-who knows?

  1. Yes, you may actually come into contact with your soul mate.

That moment that everyone spends their whole lives waiting for just might happen during Venus retrograde! Remember, this is a “fated” period, so the people that you meet now could end up being around for a very long time-possibly even your whole life! So don’t write off anyone that you meet during Venus retrograde, even if you don’t click right away-many people that you encounter during this time are here to stick around and teach you something very important about your life and your destiny.

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