How the Sun Conjunct Neptune Will Increase Your Empathy

Neptune is such a fascinating planet. This blue giant creates incredible energy. Since it’s the ruling planet for Pisces, you know that it can have a huge impact on our emotional state. It’s also a planet that represents spirituality, and its influence can push you to discover our own personal, spiritual path. Furthermore, Neptune is the planet of dreams. And it doesn’t just affect the dreams we have after our head hits the pillow-it affects our daily thought process and can send us into a cycle of daydreaming. Overall, Neptune has an impact on our subconscious, psychic side-a side of ourselves that many of us are not in touch with.

On February 28, the sun moves into a conjunct aspect with Neptune. Combined with the energy of the sun, Neptune’s influence will be even stronger than usual. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. This aspect will increase your empathy.

Neptune does not just make us more in touch with our own emotions-we also get in touch with the emotions of other people. It can be difficult to deal with this, especially if you realize that you’re surrounded by very negative people! However, learning how to process the emotions of other people in addition to your own can really increase your understanding of humanity as a whole.

  1. You might feel confused about who to trust.

At times like this when people are more sensitive, those who seek to profit off this often pick up on it and try to take advantage. For example, you might feel more vulnerable to believing conspiracy theories or to buying things that you don’t need because of convincing salespeople. Keep your energy guarded, and think carefully about what you’re reading, seeing, or hearing. It can be difficult to trust certain people during this aspect, so you need to monitor your instincts.

  1. You will have an increased interest in the spiritual world.

Neptune often has this effect on people, and it’s a truly beautiful thing. By all means, go out and explore what spirituality means to you and where your path is meant to lead. But beware of “false prophets”-because of the Internet, almost anyone can call themselves a spiritual leader these days and try to lead people astray for their own personal gain. You need to continue questioning everything that you learn in order to find your true spiritual path.

  1. It’s a good time to escape reality for a bit.

After all, that’s what your imagination is trying to do! Why not take a little vacation, or at the very least, take yourself out of the “real world” for a day or two? Stay in with close friends and family, curl up with your favorite book or movie, and let your responsibilities rest for a minute-it will all be okay. Everyone needs time to unplug and get away, and now is as good a time as any! Your soul needs a break, so go ahead and treat yourself.

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