Power Struggles Under Mars Square Pluto

Where does your motivation come from? Do you work hard for what you want because you’re working towards something that you’re very passionate about? Or are you working for money rather than passion? Do you feel more inspired to work hard when you’re trying to impress someone that you admire? There are many different sources of motivation, but you might be surprised to learn that the stars can actually influence those feelings of motivation.

Particular aspects can cause you to rethink your path and your professional life. On February 22, Mars moves into a square aspect with Pluto, and this could turn out to be a crazy combination! The combined energies of these planets can have some profound effects. Here are a few things to look out for:

  1. You’ll have a newfound desire to gain control.

This could be a desire to gain control over your life because you feel like it’s been getting a little too crazy lately. Or it could be a desire to gain control over others because you feel powerless. This motivation can be a positive thing if it pushes you to organize and restructure your life-but trying to assert dominance over other people will usually end in disaster. Do your best to fight this urge-there’s a difference between being a leader and being controlling.

  1. You’ll probably begin thinking about getting a raise or promotion.

Now, don’t go running to your boss just yet-again, consider the source of this motivation. If you’re looking for a raise because you know that your work is worth more than you’ve been getting, ask away. But if you just want more money as a status symbol, it’s going to backfire. Likewise, if you want a promotion because you genuinely want more responsibility, go for it! But if you just want a more prestigious title to impress others, you’ll regret your decision in the end.

  1. Be careful about respecting authority.

Remember, when we’re under a given aspect, everyone can be affected by these energies-not just you. This means that under Mars square Pluto, power struggles might be all around you. Be careful-clearly, people who are already in positions of authority will have the advantage in this situation, so if you get on someone’s bad side, they can take it out on you. It can be tempting to try to climb the ladder, but be careful not to step on anyone else’s toes, because these powerful energies are working on all of us.

  1. Work out any feelings of jealousy.

Ah, jealousy, the green monster-something that no one likes dealing with! But the fact is that you’ll probably feel it at some point during this aspect. We’re so focused on gaining what other people have-especially those that we feel are “above” us in some way-that we’re especially prone to jealousy and its sister emotion, envy. Remember that these feelings are unhealthy, and it’s in your best interest not to let them influence you-instead, find a more positive outlet for dealing with them.

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