Learning to Listen With Mercury in Pisces

If there’s a single planet that has the strongest influence this week, it’s probably Mercury. Usually we only feel this way when Mercury is in retrograde, but lucky for us, that’s not the case right now! Instead, Mercury has been strengthening our communication skills and shifting our perspective in a more positive direction. So, what’s in store for Mercury this weekend?

On February 25, Mercury enters Pisces. You may know that Pisces is one of the most sensitive, creative, and empathetic signs of the entire zodiac. This makes for an interesting transition that can really alter the way you communicate-if you’re open to the process. So, what can you expect from this particular transit? Be on the lookout for these effects.

  1. You’ll be more in touch with your emotions.

This is always a prominent effect of the influence of Pisces. Since this sign feels everything deeply, you’ll begin to see the world from a more emotional perspective, even if you’re typically a very logical person. This might feel like a radical change, but it can bring a lot of joy and passion to your life if you embrace it. You’ll experience each new situation with a new depth of feeling, and while it may seem overwhelming at first, you will be able to adjust over time.

  1. You’ll be better listener than ever before.

Some signs are very chatty-but not Pisces. They’re usually quieter, and they don’t talk just to hear the sound of their own voice. During this transit, you may find yourself speaking up less and listening more. This doesn’t mean letting your own opinions take a backseat-it just means being more receptive to other peoples’ points of view. So just relax and listen up-you may be surprised by what you learn when you’re not trying to fill empty space.

  1. You may find yourself changing even your most strongly held beliefs.

Yes, this can feel earth shattering-but it’s all part of our personal growing process. We need to change our beliefs sometimes in order to learn about the world. It’s completely natural, and you never need to feel ashamed about changing your beliefs. Because you’ll be able to better see things from another’s perspective during this transit, sometimes you may feel like you’re literally seeing the world through brand new eyes. And yes, this can be a shocking experience, but shaking things up can be good.

  1. You might face some misunderstandings when it comes to communicating with others.

The downside to this transit is the potential for miscommunications-but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as retrograde! Pisces can be dreamy and vague about their ideas, so their statements might come off as ambiguous at times. You might notice yourself doing this during this time, so just try to be conscience of it. Make an effort to clarify what you mean if the other person is looking confused, but don’t be afraid to hold an open minded stance on a particular issue if that’s how you truly feel.

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