Are You Struggling With Mars Square Chiron?

From September 9 through September 16, Mars squares Chiron, forming an aspect that often throws challenges our way. But before we get into detail, first things first-you might be wondering what Chiron is, so here’s a quick explanation.

Chiron is a comet, but it’s very unpredictable-its orbit is unique and can be quite erratic. It’s named after a centaur in Greek mythology. Chiron was both a healer and teacher-but despite all his wisdom, he could not heal himself. So, in its essence, Chiron represents a deeply wounded healer. Does this sound confusing? It can be. But Chiron is extremely important, because its position in our birth chart reveals some very significant information about who we really are. It represents our deepest wounds-our mental, spiritual, and emotional wounds-and how we will try to heal them.

If you’ve been feeling drained, exhausted, and discouraged this week, Mars square Chiron might be why. Here’s how this aspect affects us:

  1. You may feel a deep-seated sense of internal tension.

This can manifest in an emotional or physical sense. It has do with our instinct to “hold it all in” when Mars moves to square Chiron. We have wounds that we need to heal-but we’re discouraged from being vulnerable, from expressing pain, from showing our true emotions. Even though these feelings bubble up and we know we want to express them somehow, we end up keeping them deep inside. This can lead to emotional distress or untimely outbursts, or physical symptoms such as stomachaches or migraines.

  1. You may find yourself dwelling on the past.

This one of the most difficult things to deal with when Mars squares Chiron. We tend to dwell on our pasts and find ourselves constantly thinking about times we’ve gone down the wrong path. This can be really discouraging-after all, you can’t go back in time and fix your mistakes. Instead, you get stuck in a mental rut, trying to figure out what you would do differently if you had the chance. This is a toxic line of thought. All we can do is make peace with our pasts, do better in the present, and look forward to the future.

  1. You may take these feelings out on other people.

This is one of the most harmful side effects of the Mars square Chiron aspect. When we are struggling to push our problems down, we can’t heal-we suffer. And when we suffer and don’t have a healthy outlet to deal with it, we tend to take it out on others, even if they haven’t contributed to our suffering. This can damage relationships with the people we love the most. Don’t last out-reach out. Look for a shoulder to lean on. Dig deep and bring your problems out in the open instead of pushing them down. We cannot heal on our own. We all need a hand to hold to guide us through the process, and connecting with those who love and understand us is the key mending those deep emotional wounds.

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