How to Overcome Your Sign’s Dark Side

Everyone gets frustrated with themselves sometimes. We might look back on a situation and regret the way that we acted or what we said. We might struggle with a bad habit on a day to day basis that we feel like we just can’t kick. We might end up in a bad situation and want to blame someone else, but know that we created the problem for ourselves.

It can be irritating to read a description of your sign and see how it accounts for your negative qualities. If you’re a Pisces who wishes they could get a stronger handle on their emotions, or a Scorpio who feels that your intense personality makes it difficult for people to get to know you, you might resent the influence of the stars. Read on to figure out how to deal with the dark side of your sign:

  1. Research your full birth chart.

There is so much more to your astrological background than your sun sign. Look up your entire birth chart and learn about your moon sign, rising sign, and more. You’ll get a better idea of how the stars and planets affect your personality and lifestyle, and you may realize you have many positive traits to balance out the negative ones.

  1. Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is essential to self growth. If you want to tackle an issue that you have dealt with your whole life, it’s important that you spend plenty of time looking inward. Every sign could benefit from a daily meditation practice, yoga, and staying focused on the present moment. Writing down your progress in a journal will also help you focus on positive developments.

  1. Turn it into a positive.

Maybe you’re a Capricorn who wishes you could just let loose once in a while. But you’re probably a lot calmer and more organized than most people. Maybe you’re a Leo who feels bad about coming across as bossy, but there are plenty of people who see you as a strong leader. Are you a Sagittarius who thinks that your free-spirited nature can make it difficult to find a long-term partner? Remember that you’re brave for living life on your own terms. For every negative, there’s a positive!

  1. Remember that everyone has flaws.

No one is perfect. Learn to repeat that like a mantra whenever you’re feeling down about something you want to change about yourself. Everyone on the planet engages in negative behavior, and everyone has things they wish they could change or take back, no matter what their sign is.

  1. Realize that your sign doesn’t determine your whole life.

Astrology is fun, entertaining, and informative. Looking to the stars can help give us direction, explain why we feel a certain way, or help us figure out why something happened the way it did. But the qualities of your zodiac sign aren’t set in stone. You have the freedom to be whoever you truly are and do whatever you want to do in this life.

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