How Venus in Scorpio Will Change Your Love Life

The universe is kicking off this weekend with an intense combination: Venus enters Scorpio on September 23, and it could cause some crazy emotional reactions over the next few days! Scorpio is already a sign known for its emotional intensity, and Venus is the planet of love…so you can already see that when it comes to matters of the heart, things are about to start heating up. You never know where this cosmic combo could take you, but here are a few things you might notice once Venus enters Scorpio:

  1. You’ll love more intensely than ever before.

If you happen to meet someone during this time and feel sparks fly, it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever felt before. You may not have even realized that you were capable of feeling this way. It can be scary, but now is not the time to be guarded-it’s the time to be vulnerable. Open your heart, and let it guide you where it will.

  1. You may reevaluate current relationships.

All of the sudden, you might be hit with some harsh realizations. Maybe you didn’t share the same connection with an old friend that you thought you did. Maybe your parents truly will never understand why you made life choices that they didn’t approve of. Or maybe your significant other doesn’t actually see the same things in your future. This can feel like a punch in the gut, but these insights are necessary to our personal growth.

  1. You’ll want to experience a true soul connection with someone else.

Enough random hook ups and swiping left or right on Tinder. If you’re currently single, you might find yourself wanting something real, even if the thought of it scares you just a little bit. But don’t feel tempted to rush anything-this type of connection only comes around when we’re truly ready for it. And if you have to rush it, you’re forcing it-and you’re not looking for anything forced. Let it all happen naturally.

  1. You might struggle to control your emotions.

This is where our go-to tools for spiritual health-meditation, yoga, and self reflection through writing or art-come in handy. All of these crazy thoughts about love and relationships might’ve sent you into a bit of an emotional tailspin, and if you’re feeling lost, you have to look within. Spend time alone, even if you’re craving romantic company, and give yourself the space necessary to work through it all.

  1. You might get caught up in the past.

If you catch yourself looking back on relationships that just didn’t work out, you might regret letting them go-even if the person was totally wrong for you! Don’t dwell on past relationships. There’s always a reason they didn’t work out the way you may have once wanted them to, and there’s no need for regrets. When Venus enters Scorpio, we have to accept that sometimes, we aren’t meant to be with the person we want-because we need to hold that space for the person that we really need.

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