Why Mercury Sextile Venus Will Cheer You Up

Have you been feeling a little down lately? Well, maybe you can blame it on the stars, the weather, or just a few issues that have been popping up in your life lately. But if the universe has been getting in your way over the past few weeks, stay calm-relief is on the way! On February 10, Mercury moves into a sextile aspect with Venus. The effects of Venus are usually positive, and this particular aspect can give you a boost of good energy that carries you through the weekend! So if you’ve been needing a little pick me up, your prayers are about to be answered. Here are a few things you can expect from this aspect.

  1. You’ll feel more open and friendly than usual.

Even if you’re not typically very social, you’ll be more open to meeting new people and hanging out with new friends over this particular weekend. This aspect really opens us up to new relationships-and with Venus in the mix, you know it’s in your best interest to be as outgoing as possible, because you could easily meet someone who ends up falling for you! Push yourself to interact with some new faces this weekend. You might be surprised at who you really click with!

  1. You’ll feel very relaxed.

Make no mistake-this aspect will chill you out. It’s like doing an hour of yoga followed by some super focused meditation and nice cup of herbal tea. You’ll feel yourself letting go of some major stress. In fact, you might really feel this effect in your physical body. If you’ve been experiencing headaches or stomachaches due to stress in recent weeks, you’ll feel better this weekend! To stay even more relaxed, try to bring this feeling into the following weeks and choose activities that help you release any stressful energy that has built up inside you.

  1. You’ll let go of any grudges you’ve been holding.

One of the best things about this aspect is the fact that it just helps you release any negative energy. This includes negative energy that is directed at other people. If you’ve been frustrated with anyone recently, and you’ve been struggling to get over those emotions, you’ll begin the process of letting go of those feelings. It might mean having a conversation about forgiveness and moving on, or it might simply take place in your own mind. But either way, you won’t want to hold on to those feelings anymore after this aspect.

  1. You’ll feel a stronger bond with your friends and family.

Yes, you’ll be more open to meeting new people than usual, but you’ll also find a stronger appreciation for the people who are already in your life. It’s a great weekend to treat your friends and family in some way if you have the time! And make sure to call your parents-they would probably love to hear from you! So shower the people in your life with a little love and affection, and it will come back your way in time.

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1 Comment

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