Your Sign’s Spiritual Outlook

You might pray every night before bed or meditate every morning before you even brush your teeth. Or you might have gritted your teeth when you were dragged to church as a kid and can’t manage to sit in silence for thirty seconds. Your sign has a huge influence on your outlook towards spirituality-read on to find out how the stars make an impact on your personal beliefs:

  1. Aries-You might be a bit of an agnostic. You don’t really want to say that one point of view is correct over another, and you would never claim to have all the answers about the universe’s toughest questions.
  1. Taurus-You feel that just being out in nature is a spiritual experience. Because of this, you’re less likely to adhere to a major religion, and you’d rather seek out pagan communities or practices.
  1. Gemini-You have always struggled to figure out your spiritual path-in fact, you might find yourself torn between two or three belief systems at any given moment. In time, you’ll see exactly where you fit.
  1. Cancer-Even if you don’t practice the religion you were raised in any more, you still hold the traditions dear to your heart. Holidays always make you feel like you’re connected to something bigger than what’s here on earth.
  1. Leo-Religion and spirituality have never really been a priority for you before. You have no trouble respecting others’ beliefs, and you find it interesting to learn about, but it doesn’t have much of a place in your personal life.
  1. Virgo-Like most things, you take a practical approach to spirituality. You’re not too invested, but it does have a place in your daily life, and you take incorporate small spiritual practices into your routine.
  1. Libra-For you, balance is key in all areas, including religion. You might be devoted to one path, but you stay open minded. You have a daily practice that could include prayer, meditation, or another ritual, and you’re particularly drawn to Buddhism.
  1. Scorpio-You’re interested in all of it. You love to debate religion and its merits, and you enjoy learning about different paths and practices. You don’t think anyone has all the answers, but you’re fascinated by the questions.
  1. Sagittarius-You’re definitely spiritual, but you wouldn’t describe yourself as religious. You try to see the good in everyone and believe that we all play a role in the grander plans of the universe.
  1. Capricorn-You view religion as a self improvement tour. Religious texts can provide a framework for living a full, positive life. You may turn to religion in times of need to guide you.
  1. Aquarius-You’re not sure how you would define “God,” but you know that you see it in everyone and everything. You view humans as unique spiritual beings on a journey on this planet we call home.
  1. Pisces-You may subscribe to a pagan path, or you may not-either way, you feel the most connected to the universe when you’re creating something. To you, creation is the ultimate spiritual practice.
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