8 Secrets Your Birth Chart Will Reveal

If you’re reading this, you certainly know your zodiac sign, also known as your sun sign. But many people’s knowledge of astrology stops at their own sun sign. Because of this, they may wonder why they occasionally deviate from the description of this sign. Sometimes, they may think their sign is totally irrelevant and that they actually would fit the description of another sign.

If you want to go beyond your sun sign and learn more about how the stars impact your entire life, you will need to view your birth chart. There are many websites that will show you your birth chart for free. All you need is your birthday, birth time, and birthplace. Here are eight things that your birth chart will reveal:

  1. Your inner, hidden self.

Your Moon sign represents the person who you are inside-the side that you usually do not show to others. This can be in direct opposition with your sun sign and explain why you act one way around people and another way when you are alone.

  1. The “mask” you wear around others.

Your rising sign, or ascendant, reveals how you present yourself to others and the kind of first impression that you give off. If you’ve wondered why people view you differently than you view yourself, it could be because of your rising sign.

  1. Your romantic side.

Are you secretly a hopeless romantic? Or do you value your independence above all else? Not quite sure where you stand? Your birth chart will show you which sign Venus was in at the time you were born, which influences your love life.

  1. How you will achieve financial success.

If you’re struggling with money and wondering which direction to take for your career path, your birth chart will show you which sign your House II is in. House II rules over money and personal finances, and can give you a clue as to how you will achieve financial stability.

  1. Your marriage.

If you haven’t found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with yet, or if you’re wondering if you want to get married or not, check out which sign your House VII is in. House VII is the house of one-to-one relationships such as marriage.

  1. Your relationship with your family.

You may have a complex and complicated relationship with your family, whether you’ve always gotten along with your siblings but struggled to connect with your parents. Or maybe you’ve always felt like the black sheep. House IV will reveal where you fit in to your family and why you feel this way.

  1. How you communicate.

The sign that Mercury was in at the time of your birth determines how you communicate. You’ll see why you connect with certain people over others and how your mannerisms could be interpreted by other people.

  1. Your work ethic and work methods.

The position of Mars and Jupiter at the time of your birth can have an influence on how you work, how hard you work, and the kind of work you will do throughout your life.

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