Where Should Your Sign Live?

Feeling like you’ve been stuck in a rut in your small town? Sick of seeing the same faces and the same places day in and day out? Considering making a big move sometime soon and shaking things up a bit, but you can’t quite decide where to go? Uprooting your life and settling down somewhere new can be a big, intimidating step, but if you’ve found the perfect location, you’ll be more excited than nervous. Wondering where your sign would feel most at home? Here’s a quick guide to where each sign would love to live:

  1. Aries: You crave a challenge, and you feel the need to prove your independence. Why not be bold and make a move overseas? You’ve probably daydreamed about it for a while-don’t be afraid to dive in head first and make it a reality.
  1. Taurus: As an earth sign, you’re naturally, well, down to earth. Since you’re drawn to outdoorsy activities and love spending time in nature, you need to find a place where the outdoors is totally accessible-anywhere in Colorado could work!
  1. Gemini: You need a city with as many sides as you have. Somewhere where each neighborhood has a distinct character, where you can always find a place to feel at home. Almost anywhere will work for you as you’re so adaptable, as long as there’s a variety of diverse spaces.
  1. Cancer: You don’t need to stay in your hometown forever, but you probably do feel the need to be close to your family. Maybe consider moving a little closer to a sibling or favorite cousin to feel a bit more connected.
  1. Leo: You crave the glamour and bright lights of the big city life-so go for it! Any city with thriving night life, a great restaurant scene, and countless cultural events is perfect for you.
  1. Virgo: You’re a hard worker, and even if you’re in a white collar job, you still have that blue collar work ethic. A city in the Midwest, like Chicago, could be a great place for you to put down some roots.
  1. Libra: You need to be social and feel like you’re right in the center of things. It seems like almost everyone is enthralled with the Los Angeles social scene from afar, so why not throw yourself into it?
  1. Scorpio: You’re an emotionally intense sign, and everything feels a little more intense when the heat turns up. Consider Southern cities like Atlanta and Miami, or even somewhere in the Caribbean.
  1. Sagittarius: You’re a free spirit with a progressive attitude who needs a city with the same spirit. The Pacific Northwest is a great spot for Sagittarius: consider cities like Portland or Seattle.
  1. Capricorn: You’re a go-getter, a career minded hard worker who likes to be surrounded by people with the same attitude. A city like New York, Boston, or DC will provide you with plenty of opportunities to connect with like minded people.
  1. Aquarius: You’re unique and embrace your “weird” side-you’re never afraid to go against the status quo! Any city or even small town with a quirky vibe will suit you well.
  1. Pisces: You’re like a mermaid-you need to be near the water! Choose a cute seaside town or a little cabin on a lake-you’ll feel perfectly at home when you find your sea legs.
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