What Hurts Your Sign the Most

Ever been in the midst of a tough situation and realize that while it seems like the end of the world to you, others might be taking it in stride? Or watched a friend struggle to come to terms with something that you had no trouble accepting? Everyone reacts to difficult scenarios differently-some of us might be able to shrug off certain issues as if they don’t matter, while others feel powerless and pathetic. There are many reasons behind our varying emotional reactions when faced with adversity-to understand what influences your feelings, take a look at what the stars have to say. Here’s what really gets under your sign’s skin:

  1. Aries: You love to make big plans and include everyone around you-roadtrip with all your friends? You’re behind the wheel! You hate when someone doesn’t take your ideas seriously or bails at the last minute.
  1. Taurus: Any blatant show of disrespect frustrates you like crazy. Whether it’s someone littering, mocking someone for something they can’t change, or using slurs, it all feels like a personal slight.
  1. Gemini: You need to be around people who accept you completely as you are. You hate when people view you as “fake” or “fickle” just because you express yourself differently from day to day.
  1. Cancer: You value your connections with your family and friends above everything else. In fact, you can deal with someone treating you badly-but if they treat your loved ones with disrespect, you can’t stand by quietly.
  1. Leo: You have a ton of pride, Leo, and because of this, you take pretty much any insult very personally. You don’t like it when someone tries to bring you down or dull your shine.
  1. Virgo: You try to stay calm and collected at all times, but there’s one thing that can throw you off-when people try to take advantage of this nature and think they can pull one over on you.
  1. Libra: You try to maintain balance in your life, and you try to avoid anything that might throw it off. Toxic people can easily get your emotions twisted, which frustrates you further as other areas of your life suffer.
  1. Scorpio: You know that you feel everything deeply and that not everyone can handle it. But you can’t stand when someone acts as though your emotions aren’t valid or worthy of consideration.
  1. Sagittarius: You’re a free spirit with a wild heart, and the one thing you could never accept is being controlled by someone else. Those who seek to manipulate you quickly get the boot.
  1. Capricorn: You dream big, have ambitious goals, and hold yourself to a high standard. When someone doesn’t believe in you and criticizes your dreams, you’re instantly on the defensive.
  1. Aquarius: You pride yourself on your quirks and your unique way of expressing yourself. You love being a bit different, and you hate when someone insults those differences and tries to make you feel like an outcast.
  1. Pisces: You’re one of the most sensitive signs, so you tend to take things a bit harder than others. But you hate when someone mistakes your sensitivity for weakness because you see it as a strength.
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