What’s Your Sign’s Aura?

The word “aura” has two very different definitions. It could refer to a quality that a person, place, or thing seems to generate-for example, a haunted house could maintain an “aura of mystery.” The word could also refer to an occasionally visible emanation of a distinct color surrounding one’s body.

Do people really have auras? Some say yes, some say no…but either way, it’s fun to think about! What color would your aura be? Well, look no further than your zodiac sign. Each sign has an associated color, and each color has a certain meaning. These meanings can change depending on the shade. Different colors have different effects on us when we look at them. Here’s what color your aura might be and what it means!

  1. Aries: Red. This probably comes as no surprise to you-there’s no better color to represent your fiery nature. You’re a trailblazer, and red represents your deep passion and drive.
  1. Taurus: Green. An obvious choice for grounded, earthy Taurus. You value your connection with nature, and you love nothing more than feeling the grass beneath your bare feet.
  1. Gemini: Orange. A vibrant hue that others can’t look away from. A combination of two colors, red and yellow, represents the many sides of your personality and the vibe you give off.
  1. Cancer: Purple. Purple was known as the color of royalty, which might seem like an odd connection-but think about it, you’re at the center of your friend group and you value the strength of your family unit.
  1. Leo: Yellow. Burning bright like the sun, there’s no better color to symbolize the way you light up a room and command the attention of everyone in it. Your lively nature is infectious.
  1. Virgo: Blue. Calm, collected, and cool-not unlike a smooth lake on a sunny day-it’s the perfect color to represent the nature of your soul. Your personality is refreshing, like a glass of ice water in the heat of summer.
  1. Libra: Lavender. Lavender is known for having a relaxing effect-it calms the senses. You pride yourself on your balanced, stable nature and the positive effects it has on yourself on others.
  1. Scorpio: Maroon. The deeper, darker shade of red-perfect for your highly sensitive and emotional personality. You feel everything on another level-this is the color of your heartbeat.
  1. Sagittarius: Periwinkle. A sweet shade somewhere between lavender and light blue, that conjures up the scent of flowers blooming in springtime-this pastel hue symbolizes free spirited Sagittarius.
  1. Capricorn: Gold. You’re not an overworked overachiever. You’ve simply got the secret to success in your back pocket-hard work and discipline. You’re always striving for the gold standard.
  1. Aquarius: Pink. You’re spunky, quirky, a spark in a sea of monotony. You bring a little lightness wherever you go, and so does the color pink-it symbolizes your positive energy.
  1. Pisces: Indigo. Still waters run deep, and so do you-you are always dreaming of somewhere else, conjuring up new, wild ideas, and exploring the world with all five sense.
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